Entropy views contributing to the community as one of its chief goals, and has placed it as one of the personal goals of its executives and employees. As such, Entropy targeted the understanding and treating of attention deficit disorders as well as the psychological and social aspects thereof. We believe that current treatment of attention deficit disorder is not receiving the correct attitude for lack of built-in tools for the community and its environment to understand the difficulties of those labeled as having attention deficit disorder (or, as currently being referred to as the “advantages of attention deficit”). From our personal experience on the subject matter, as well as our experience with similar cases, we find there to be a great many obstacles within the Israeli society at large in “taking advantage” for the better, of this population as well as enjoying their amazing contribution.


As part of our contribution to the issue of attention deficit disorder, Entropy employs people that have varying degrees of the disorder, coupled with understanding their problem and giving them the tools for a suited work environment. Beyond that, Entropy also employs people that found themselves out of the workforce, and with us, they received the opportunity to gradually build their employment and social confidence, and their contribution to society is extraordinary. Among those, are people with a high degree of the disorder, that without the mental support and the support and understanding from their colleagues and work environment, would not have been able to make use of their unique capabilities. The results not only benefit society, but make us all in the Group very proud to be involved with such a worthy cause.