Our activity in this field includes a diverse range of services, primarily to private companies, all, in accordance with our group’s policy and guidelines concerning potential conflicts of interest. We perform valuations and provide financial opinions for financial statements of companies, we prepare opinions for court, advise on debt arrangements and settlements, financial research and more. We have excellent capabilities in carrying out complex financial computations, from both the financial and accounting aspects, as well as having access to an extensive data base, which is a derivative of our activities in the fields of research and corporate valuations.


We have extensive experience in carrying out financial review and research required for the preparation of financial reports of public companies. We provide such services only after we examined the matter of potential conflict of interest according to our group’s policy and guidelines on the subject matter. Such services include:

  • Valuations of financial derivatives and sureties
  • Financial analyses concerning the value of private holdings
  • Pricing models for employees’ and executives’ options
  • Corporate valuations and external opinions that meet accounting standards
  • Purchase price allocation (PPA) work
  • Evaluation of reputation depreciation
  • Valuations for income tax purposes


We provide expert opinions for submission to the courts in the framework of class action and derivative action lawsuits, pertaining to the valuation of companies, activities, loss or damage to reputation, financial damages, disputes between business partners and more.



We combine our corporate analyzing capabilities and review of operational and business processes, for the purpose of conducting and performing due diligence, prior to investment or acquisition transactions of private corporations and/or those that are significantly affiliated with public companies. To this end, we engage senior advisors having expert financial and legal expertise and who possess in-depth acquaintance with the work of public bodies and institutional investors.


We provide consulting on debt settlements and arrangements of numerous companies. We accompany corporations undergoing debt restructuring and settlement by providing them with the services of experienced analysts that are familiar with the companies and have extensive knowledge of previous debt settlements that were made in those companies. The services include, providing reports and analyses about the company and the debt settlement being formulated, thus facilitating reaching informed decisions on how to manage the debt, all, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance. Additionally, our team of analysts performs re-evaluation of bonds and debentures that have been suspended from trading.


As part of our group’s activities in the fields of general meetings, meetings of bond and debenture holders, and equity debt analyses, our analysts process vast quantities of information which we analyze for research purposes. Here at Entropy, we believe that the combination of the multi-disciplinary experience we have in the fields of corporate governance, corporate debts, compensation of senior executives, corporate valuations and compensation policy, constitutes a significant contribution as well as a clear-cut advantage, when performing financial research of any topic.



Entropy Finance and Investments provides sector analyses of the various market sectors, at a high level of detail, and based on diverse sources of information, including macro data and sectorial information published by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, international data bases for carrying out international comparisons, financial reports of public companies and discussions with key persons in the relevant sector. Our analysis of the business environment refers to numerous parameters, including: market-size estimate, sector structure analysis, a review of main trends, level of regulatory framework for the sector and its impact, level of sector competition, a review of the principal risk factors and an analysis of their impact, sector entry barriers, an analysis of the relative advantages and disadvantages, as well as other sectorial data, such as: number of employed persons, investments, export, profitability and the like. The sectorial analysis includes reference to financial and operational parameters of the companies operating in that sector, mostly on the basis of analyzing the financial statements of public companies, that contain vast information about financial ratios, including growth rates, profitability, equity structure, yields, liquidity, debt service coverage ratio, sales per employee etc.