Unique needs. Custom solutions

Leading the field of enterprise risk management (ERM), compliance and regulation, as well as process management via a range of solutions through the periscope of operational and business strategy of the enterprise.


Entropy Processes, Risk & Regulation, part of the Entropy Group, provides comprehensive advisory solutions in the fields of enterprise risk management (ERM), process management and regulatory framework.




The difference between a pilot and a surgeon is that the pilot flies with you. If he makes a mistake, his life is in the same danger as the lives of his passengers on board with him. On the other hand, the surgeon is not laying on the operating table with his patient- he performs the surgery, but he himself is not in danger. Entropy etched the matter of professionalism as a supreme value. The advisory services we provide are no less important to us than they are to the enterprise to whom we provide the service. Thus, we are leaders and are paving a path in the world of advisory services in the fields of process and risk management, including all of its components, and we do so in the utmost professional manner.

Service oriented

Leaving a positive service experience and responding to the entire needs of our clients is an integral and leading component in our activity. We view the matter of service as an inseparable aspect, being equally important as the professional aspect of our services and it is embedded in our corporate DNA. Credibility, reliability, compatibility, tolerance, handling challenges, quality assurance and staying on schedule constitute a central part of the advisory services we provide to our clients.

Tailored solutions

It is our perception that risk and processes management in an enterprise is intertwined with its business and strategic goals. As such, we believe in tailoring suits that are accustomed to the advisory services we provide, based on the type of enterprise, its complexity, nature and size. Making the connection between risk management, regulation and processes, and the enterprise’s business and strategy goals, emphasizes the importance of providing that personal touch to be able to attain the desired business results.

Human attributes

Entropy Risk Management, Processes & Regulation, is first and foremost, a company made of people providing a service to people. This, stemming from our understanding that our workforce and clients are, before anything else, people. As a company, we see great importance in investing in our human resources, in empowering and developing our employees and managers, alongside setting them with the highest standards.