Entropy Organizational Development (formerly, Game of Life) developed a unique managerial and executive approach that views the executive or manager as an energy charger. According to the research of Prof. Kim S. Cameron, the level of organizational and executive energy is an index that predicts business success 4 times more than any other researched index. It is self-evident that an employee coming into work with his energy battery charged at 20% will have a much lower output than an employee that arrives fully charged. For a manager or executive to form a source of charging and energy for the team, we developed for you, a practical toolkit, to foster your executives and managers’ ability of becoming an effective energy charger.

The executives and managers of an organization are the ones that form the center pillars supporting the organization, as well as being the major factor in promoting its growth.

The executives and managers are also the energy chargers that motivate employees and processes.

Management is a profession in its own right, regardless of the type of organization or its field activity, and great importance is attributed to developing management skills, leadership and governing capabilities.

In the workshops for managers and executives, we follow the spirit of, positive psychology and empowerment, nurturing the success and strengths of the manager and his subordinates, positive thinking and collaboration in the professional, personal and interpersonal training process.

Here are some examples of the content we offer in our management and executive development workshops:

Management as a profession

The meaning and perception of the role of manager; molding a personal and organizational managerial perception; managing change in a constantly changing reality; managing leadership; developing vision and managerial values; new age management styles.

Management according to positive psychology

The manager as an energy charger – organizational and managerial energy index; Positive emotional contagion – the mirror neurons; Principles of gamification as a managerial tool – motivating from joy; Managing strengths and talents; Feedback and tutoring employees according to the strengths model of VIA, researching management success.

Basic management skills

Communication and team work; Active listening as a managerial skill; Team development and collaboration; Time management; Effective management of meetings; Personal managerial responsibility.

Advanced management skills

Risk management; Project management; Budget management; Profit and loss statements; Corporate responsibility; Initiative, creativity and innovation in management; Advanced presentation skills.