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On the Job Playing is a unique and experiential implementation method developed by Entropy Organizational Development (formerly, Game of Life) and is registered as a trademark of the company.

This method of implementation is suitable to large numbers of employees, from dozens and up to thousands, for the purpose of implementing the internalization of knowledge, systems, procedures, values and more.

The greatest advantage of this method of implementation lies in the fact that it spans over a long period of time and whilst working, without interfering with routines and ongoing organizational management.

These experiential implementation processes are usually based on competitive task games between teams or individuals, over a period of time (ranging between one to three months on average), and with very short and focused intervention points (from several minutes and up to half an hour for each task).

The game facilitates the implementation of habits and desired behaviors, as part of shaping an organizational culture and desired conduct.

This method was successfully tried and tested in dozens of organizations, from all sectors, and was awarded with recognition and prizes in the field of organizational development.

Examples of games:

  • The “Vault Game” – solving riddles and tasks issues a code that opens a vault through a designated application.
  • “Organizational Investigation” – following clues within the organizational space and “investigating” a case study that documents desired / undesired behaviors, according to the
  • needs of the organization.“Hailing the Saint” – points, prizes and surprises are awarded for desired behaviors using principles of positive psychology.

The unique method of Entropy Organizational Development (formerly, Game of Life) enables, advising, diagnosing and implementing processes to be carried out in an effective and experiential way. The phase of diagnosing and identifying the needs is also done in an experiential way that motivates collaboration, and further along, the implementation phase includes a diversity of methods that are based on principles of gamification and positive psychology.

 Advisory processes have the potential of being long and at times, also ‘burdensome’, which is precisely why we operate according to the SPSE model (simple, professional, short and enjoyable) to make the advisory process we lead more efficient. We combine professional advisory methods alongside fun and result-oriented work processes.

Examples of advisory services:

  • Diagnosing, characterizing and organizational surveys
  • Development for executives and senior management
  • Personal ‘mentoring’ of managers and executives
  • Team development
  • Formulizing the organizational vision and values
  • Shaping an organizational culture
  • Building an organizational strategy, goals and work plans