Entropy’s “Bank” of directors serves as a platform for the process of identifying candidates for director positions. The objective of this data base is, to operate as a basis for locating and identifying candidates for director positions, by investors and corporations that are designated users of this data base. Usage is carried out through segmenting candidates into a designated list, that has the greatest likelihood of matching the profile defined by its users. It is important to emphasize, that the contents of the data base do not express any opinion regarding the people appearing therein, but rather, serves as a platform for carrying out the identification process whilst correlating with proper and effective rules of corporate governance (No friends and family).

The worldwide increased usage of external data bases, as an essential link in the process of identifying and locating directors, and at the same time reducing the dependence on personal relationships in the processes of appointment, as is currently customary in Israel, is a clear-cut parameter of good governance in the more developed capital markets as they relate to estimating the properness of the appointment process. It is our belief, that the increased usage of external data bases such as ours, will have significant contribution to enhancing the identification and location process, expanding the circle of quality potential candidates, and increasing the motivation of investors generally, and the institutional investors particularly, to make use of their shareholders rights and activate those rights with respect to having the ability to impact the structure and effectiveness of the board of directors, for the benefit of all investors in the various corporations.

Registration for inclusion in the “Bank” is carried out through filling a detailed online questionnaire, where every parameter included in the questionnaire constitutes a potential parameter for identifying and locating candidates. Registration includes the uploading of certificates and diplomas of education as well as other relevant documents, and a declaration by the candidate validating the information. We at Entropy, take care to continuously better and maintain the information, and we afford the candidates the opportunity to ongoingly update their information, making the information in the data base most up-to-date, credible and of a high level. The operational team of the Entropy’s Directors’ “Bank” is at the disposal of the candidates, and they are equipped to assist them with any question they may have or problem they encounter via telephone or email.

Entropy continuously takes actions to improve the standard of corporate governance, including, increasing the effectiveness of directors and external directors in public companies. To increase awareness, we operate to create co-operations with the entirety of the relevant entities operating in this field, that are intended to function as growth engines in changing the existing standards, for the purpose of creating and invoking market mechanisms that will contribute to the level of effectiveness of the institution of the board of directors and yielding an added value to all parties concerned.

The objective of co-operations is to create a communal dialog among all the relevant mechanisms and players in the market, and at the same time adjusting the needs in a uniform manner, as well as harnessing all of the players to promote the same goal.

הרשמה דרך שת"פים

Stage 1 – the initial registration process (dedicated registration website) of creating an account and receiving a user name and password. At the completion of this stage, every registrant will receive a return email containing the registration information, user name and password.

Stage 2 – after receiving the user name and password, you should proceed to fill and complete the information. You may complete the questionnaire at any time by logging into the website with your user name and password. When filling the questionnaire, remember to click the “save draft” icon (located at the bottom of the page), throughout each stage of filling-in the details, in order to save all the information you filled up to that point. By clicking on that icon, your information is saved but not sent, and you can go back and complete the form or update it at any time.

Stage 3 – after completion of filling out all of the information (and in particular those mandatory fields that have a red * alongside them) you should click the ‘send’ icon. Clicking this icon will send your full details and information to the data base, and at the same time an indication is sent to Entropy’s customer services personnel that you have completed the questionnaire and it is ready for review. When sending the information you will be requested to complete the payment for registering to the data base.*[1]

Stage 4 – after sending the questionnaire, the filled-in information is passed on for review, completion and improvement by representatives of Entropy, who will get back to you via email specifying the issues and/or changes that need to be addressed, to the extent there are any.

Stage 5 – after the completion of the review and ensuring all the details and documents are in good order, you will be entered into the data base and an email indicating the same will be sent to you once the process is complete.

Ongoing and updates – now, your name and details are included in the directors data base that will be used by relevant enterprises seeking to locate and identify candidates for director positions within them. To the extent any information or data needs to be updated, you can do so at any given time.

The schedule of appointment of external directors is updated once a month, and presents the expected timetable of appointment of new external directors in publicly traded companies, upon the expiration of 9 years from the initial appointment, this, according to the reporting by the companies themselves.

The External Directors Schedule is available to the customers of the Director’s data base and can be accessed using a password sent to you once a month.

The expected timetable of appointment of new external directors in publicly traded companies, upon the expiration of 9 years from the initial appointment, this, according to the reporting by the companies themselves is updated as of Oct. 20, 2018.



We, at Entropy Corporate Governance, pride ourselves in our personal response we provide and maintaining an accessible channel of communication to any reaching out made to us.

Our customer services are available during office hours on Sundays through Thursdays, between 09:00-18:00, and on the eve of holidays until 12:00 p.m.

Telephone: +972-3-5374002, ext. 226

Email: efrs.Maagar@entropy.co.il

For your information, filling out the questionnaire on the directors website of Entropy is possible through the Chrome browser or Explorer browser, version 9 and upwards.