Bottom Line. Better Value

We work with entrepreneurs, companies and investors in the fields of investments, credit, mergers, acquisitions and valuations. We do so with the utmost professionalism, transparency and reciprocity


Entropy Finance and Investments offers its clients investment banking services which are based on our expansive and long-term relationship we have with institutional investors, private and public companies, banks, underwriters, consulting firms and others operating in this market.


In-depth research

we utilize the extensive financial knowledge of our managers and executives to analyze transactions. We do so in the utmost professional manner and our analysis reflects a proper company valuation, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the researched company, using relevant micro and macro methods of analysis.

Yielding real financial value

we believe in creating and structuring transactions that yield financial and business benefit to all parties to the transaction, this, from a long-term strategic view point rather than merely from the narrow short-term view point.


we, at Entropy Finance and Investments, provide our clients with a comprehensive, one-stop-shop service, facilitating their entry point into the Israeli capital markets, as well as covering all of the necessary aspects of the transactions, including, financial, business, regulatory and research aspects.