Leading the Israeli consulting market with professionalism, excellence and dedication to the objectives and targets of our clients.


The Entropy Group provides professional services via several specialized companies, in a diversity of fields. We aim to lead and assist our clients in achieving their business and strategic goals. TThe Group facilitates a holistic envelope of services to our clients. We take a journey, hand-in-hand, with our clients as we attend to aspects of their business: management, efficiency, corporate governance, risk management, regulation, controls, organizational development and more.




Entropy Group

The Entropy Group views and conducts itself as a professional consulting firm having values of integrity, credibility, professional confidentiality, flexibility and decency – towards its clients and employees. The Group and its employees implement these rules of conduct with the aim of bolstering our clients’ confidence in so far as our credibility, professionalism and independence are concerned. Entropy views its employees as a key to success, and therefore, we advance and endorse personal development within the work environment. These values are what guide and mandate our conduct as well as our relationship with our clients.

Fields of Expertise

Our fields of expertise are wide and range from capital markets, risk management, corporate governance, corporate responsibility, research, investment banking, regulation, organizational development and more.

Our Clients

Our clients are hundreds of leading companies in the Israeli market, operating in various sectors, including the financial, governmental, industrial and hi-tech sectors.

Our Team

We engage over 100 advisors holding diverse specialties in various fields. We focus on the needs and demands of our clients, as we assist and facilitate them on their journey to achieve their business goals and overcome challenges.