Our vision is to lead organizational changes aimed at achieving the business goals of our clients, whilst combining unique methodologies, engaging experiential processes and positive psychology.


Ernest Katzir


Co-founder of the Entropy Group, Ernest holds an Executive MBA from the Bar Ilan University. Ernest is the Group’s management and operational leader. He has over 20 years of experience in the Group’s core fields of operation and practice, as well as handling the Group’s clients with their most central challenges.


Or Brant Shalev, Founding Partner

Founding Partner

Or has been leading implementation processes, consulting and instructions in organizations for about 15 years. He has done so successfully in hundreds of different organizations from various sectors. Or lectures and trains tens of thousands of executives and employees every year and is considered to be one of the leading lecturers in the business and educational sectors. As such, he was selected to give a TEDxbgu talk. Or is a pioneer in the fields of implementation and gamification and the combining of both positive psychology and gamification theories in the organizational world. He serves as guest lecturer in universities, colleges and numerous professional conferences, and he is also a fellow member of Israel’s Forum of Positive Psychology Researchers.


Sigi Zelinger


Sigi serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and strategic partner. She leads its vision and strategy and directs the operational paths of achieving the company’s goals. Sigi joined the company following 25 years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces, in its human resources division. As part of her military career she served in a variety of positions in the human resources division of the IDF, both in the field and in command headquarters. In her last role, she served as commanding officer of the Jerusalem recruitment base. Through her entire career, in her special way and conviction, she handled human resources by laying down her vision and implementing it in the organization, making those changes that were necessary to meet the goals of the organization, maximizing efficiency and streamlining, providing service, empowering people and more. To this day, drawing on her vast experience, Sigi is invited to lecture before youth, educators and parents on the subjects of recruitment and placement in the IDF. Sigi holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, sociology and anthropology, as well as a master’s degree in public administration, both from Bar Ilan University.