Development through change

Leading organizational change processes to implement a company’s goals, using unique methodologies, positive psychology and enjoyable experiences.


We are experts in leading development processes in large enterprises that are based on experiential hands-on implementation.
Entropy Organizational Development (formerly, Game of Life) was established in 2007 with its objective being to advise, accompany and guide organizations through a process of change in an efficient and professional manner, whilst doing so in a fun and engaging way.

חזון והנהלה




Implementation– “internalization, understanding and the execution of a plan, idea, model or policy” – measuring implementation is carried out on levels of know-how, the model, the idea, the procedure or the organizational policy. Therefore, we emphasize behavior and performance modeling in addition to providing knowledge and information.

Organizational development

“every development process requires change, but not all change leads to development”. Organizational development, in all its spheres, demands the leading of a change for the better, be it behavioral, regulatory, structural or perceptional.

Experiential based

the human mind is molded based on the sum of experiences we undergo during life. Through experiential events we learn, change habits, mold behavior and achieve quick and long-lasting results.

Positive psychology

the organizational positive psychology investigates the relationship and connection between feelings and results at the organizational level. We base the know-how and tools with which we operate in organizations on validated research, and we make sure to be up-to-date and fully on top of the most recent research and organizational innovation methods and approaches.


using principles from the world of games in order to create motivation, development, involvement, interest and learning. These principles are the magic secret of a great many organizational success stories.


simple, professional and short. This is the essence of our view when leading organizational change and development processes. In a world that constantly changes, we must be quick and adaptable