Our vision is to be the leader in the fields of enterprise risk management, compliance, regulatory framework and process management, by providing comprehensive advisory services that are tailored to the needs of our clients, and which assist our clients in achieving their goals, as well as providing them with comprehensive management tools and solutions that can be streamlined into the organizational culture and as part of the operational and business strategy of the enterprise.

Entropy Processes, Risk & Regulation, of the Entropy Group, provides comprehensive advisory solutions in the fields of enterprise risk management, process management and regulatory framework.

It is our aim, from a holistic perspective, on the one hand, to enable our clients to obtain a full set of services for maximizing and making work processes within the enterprise more efficient, and on the other hand, to handle the various exposures and/or regulatory directives for the purpose of effectively and efficiently embedding them, in a manner that will yield value for the enterprise on its path to attain its business goals.

The company’s executives and founders have between them, years of experience in advising on and implementing process management solutions, risk management, regulatory framework and internal control systems, to leading enterprises in the country and abroad. The solutions we provide cater to all layers of the enterprise, from IT infrastructure all the way through to business processes and procedures. Our employees possess a wide range of professional and business capabilities, with expertise in accounting, internal auditing, auditing of information systems, industrial management engineering, law, economics, information systems, system analysis and more.

Risk management – Through qualified methodologies alongside years of experience and a professional team, we provide services in the fields of risk management, implementation of corporate governance systems and ethical codes of conduct, information systems risk management and cyber security as well as other services, to leading enterprises in Israel. We provide services in the field of risk management, including: building and embedding systems of risk management, as well as policies and procedures for risk management, conducting risks surveys, preparing reduction plans, designing controls for diminishing risks, fraud and embezzlement surveys and embedding monitoring and control systems, risk assessment for information systems, support in the performance of internal audits, business continuity planning as well as a range of other services, enabling enterprises to meet regulatory requirements and manage their business, financial and operational risks to which they are exposed.

Compliance and regulation – the regulatory tidal waves and burdening of the sanctions imposed on enterprises upon a breach of local as well as international regulations, has caused the regulatory risks to evolve into one of the most central realms of risk which companies and enterprises now face in the market. For over a decade, we have been assisting a variety of enterprises to identify, manage, audit and implement regulatory directives applicable to them, whilst adopting and customizing international methodologies and providing custom and tailor made solutions fitted to the enterprise based on the regulation that applies thereon. In this respect, from the date of our inception, we have been accompanying compliance officers of banking corporations and credit card companies in implementing and embedding the regulations that apply to their activities. Among other things, we are formulating advanced methodologies for the compliance functions, formulating policy papers, implementing advanced control systems, formulating risk-based workplans, characterizing and embedding management and risk control management systems.

Process management – Entropy Processes, Risk & Regulation Ltd. has vast and wealthy experience in analyzing and managing processes, in the framework of which we provide effective solutions, including efficiency processes, improving processes and maximizing the enterprise’s ability to meet its business goals. Within our services, one can find: accompanying enterprises in efficiency processes and processes to improve business and strategic goals, building and customizing organizational structures and more.