Entropy Processes, Risk & Regulation, is a part of the Entropy Group that provides comprehensive advisory solutions in the fields of enterprise risk management (ERM), process management and regulatory framework. It is our aim, from a holistic perspective, on the one hand, to enable our clients to obtain a full set of services for maximizing and making work processes within the enterprise more efficient, and on the other hand, to handle the various exposures and/or regulatory directives for the purpose of effectively and efficiently embedding them, in a manner that will yield value for the enterprise on its path to attain its business goals. The company’s executives and founders have, between them, years of experience in advising leading enterprises Israel and abroad, on and implementing process management solutions, risk management, regulation and internal control systems, and which is designed for all layers of the enterprise, from IT infrastructure all the way through to business processes and procedures.


Ernest Katzir


Co-founder of the Entropy Group, Ernest holds an Executive MBA from the Bar Ilan University. Ernest is the Group’s management and operational leader. He has over 20 years of experience in the Group’s core fields of operation and practice, as well as handling the Group’s clients with their most central challenges.


Roy Staal

Partner And Company’s CEO

Roy leads the company’s diverse activities and management. Roy has 15 years of experience in the fields of risk management, as well as regulation and process management, including, management of work-process efficiency and improvement, risk management generally and IT risk management in particular, data and cyber protection risks, implementation of SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) regulations, internal auditing and review and more.

Roy gained his knowledge and experience in the framework of managing and carrying-out numerous projects for the Group’s diverse range of clients, which include, banking and financial institutions, industrial companies, communication companies, hi-tech entities, governmental bodies and more.


Einav Gabay

Partner, Head Of Risk Management Division

Einav has 7 years of experience, and leads our company’s activities in the field of risk and processes management. As such, Einav is responsible for managing all of the projects in the field of comprehensive risk management for the company’s clients operating in the financial, health, industrial, communications and more sectors.

Einav has vast experience in risk management projects, including ongoing handling of projects, carrying out operational risks surveys, including fraud and embezzlement surveys, and in formulating a reduction program for financial, public and governmental bodies.

Moreover, Einav has extensive professional experience in carrying out in-depth organizational projects, such as drafting risk management policy papers and methodologies, accompanying and embedding operational systems for risk management, instructing and guiding workshops on the subjects of operational risks, monitoring and formulating key risk indicators (KRI’s), formulating risk and exposure based workplans for the internal audit departments of financial and public enterprises, conducting regulatory compliance surveys for banking corporations and more.


Yael Katz

Head Of IT & Cyber Division