Entropy Financial Research Services, is a leading advisory entity in the capital markets. We provide holistic solutions in the fields of financial research, general meetings, and meeting regulatory guidelines whilst increasing value for all rights holders.


In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in both the number of issues brought before general meetings and their complexity. Entropy Financial Research Services sees it as its fundamental role to employ a professional and wide-spanning research division, that conducts, whilst utilizing new and advanced market tools, a tight, credible and comprehensive examination of the entirety of topics being brought for discussion at general meetings. Additionally, we view it as part of our role to continuously and actively update and learn new relevant regulations and industry standards, market demands as well as other professional aspects of our services, and adjusting the same to the professional examination we conduct regarding matters brought before general meetings.


Entropy Financial Research Services acts as an advisory body to its institutional clients. In our services, we implement professional, credible and independent rules of conduct when carrying out an analysis of the entirety of topics brought for discussion before general meetings. The recommendations that we, Entropy Financial Research Services provide, are defined and arranged with our clients, solely as a supporting professional opinion of a resolution. Our clients receive a final resolution that is drafted on the basis of the opinion, investment policy and the internal procedures of the institutional body, and at times, the same is carried out through the investment committee of such institutional body. As part of this perception of our role, we require from the public companies we service, a high level of transparency and disclosure, such that the report we produce for the purpose of submission to the general meeting in which the transaction is voted upon, will include all the necessary information that minority shareholders require in order to determine if the transaction is beneficial to them.


Part of the role of an external advisor to institutional investors in the field of general meetings is, to constitute a partition between the controlling shareholders and the institutional investors. It was already noted in the report of the Hamdani Committee that “the existence of conflicts of interests between the indirect investing parties in a corporation and other interests of the institutional investor or its controlling shareholder, may tilt the votes of the institutional investor”.


As mentioned above, in recent years we have witnessed statutory changes and amendments pertaining to the activities of public companies and the role of the general meeting. These statutory changes and amendments have significant impact on the role and manner in which institutional investors conduct themselves when reaching determinations on matters brought before the general meeting.

We continuously track and follow regulatory and standardization changes, and adapt and modify our professional recommendations accordingly. This policy represents the updated changes from recent years and their influence on the components of the research that Entropy Financial Research Services provides.